Friday, 25 May 2012

Digital scarf printing

printed my large scarves today! here are some pictures and visualisations...

Sunday, 20 May 2012

100x100 digital scarf designs

these are sections of my large digital compositions created by composig my scanned in fabrics using photoshop...

scarf visualisations

This is my beautiful house mate Izzy modelling my scarves in different ways, I think they work the best as head scarves as they fit in the current fashion market...

Printing scarves

Here are some pictures of mixing the discharge paste and screen printing my small scarf designs, as well as my wall space in the studio afterwards.
pinned dyed fabric

600g of endalca for each colour

mixing 24g ammonium sulphate with 60g of decrolin with small amount of water to form paste then adding to endalca

then add 36g of gyzyn BC with 12-24g of colour pigment or leave for a see through discharge

steam for 45 minutes

unpin and wash as the colours will change when reacted with water

Really pleased with the brighter colour way for this collection compared to my dress lengths