Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sample collection Lace project

I have always liked hand crafted pieces beginning with dying the fabric, but I feel this is now lost in this digital era. I am driven by processes and exploring screen printing methods, therefore I will be using traditional processes and techniques, but still keeping in my own working style, using Photoshop and Illustrator to tweak my drawings into large, repeating compositions for putting onto screens. 

My methods and process are using dyes and mainly using acid illuminating dyes and direct dyes. Also screen-printing with discharge, as this technique makes a design become part of the fabric rather than sitting on top. Using discharge also gives me the ability to layer colour, as the colour first printed will be the overriding or dominant colour when washed out. I create patterns within shapes, and making the illusion of my own lace with different textured netting exposed onto screens. I experiment with the placement of patterns and prints together, to create well thought out compositions that repeat.

Although I think my work is versatile and can be used for both interior and fashion solutions, I have always worked towards fashion fabrics and there is a real focus on this. I aim to produce delicate fabrics through dyeing, and discharging on a range of silk to create texture and layers but to keep the weight of the fabric subtle by making the design part of the fabric. 

So here are some of my fabrics from the previous lace project.

As you can see I tryed to create different colour ways using different dyes and mordant pastes as well as finding my love for see through foil as it can highlight areas of the design.
This final sample design is the one that was sold in Paris ealier this year...


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