Thursday, 3 May 2012

Specialised car covers

Specialised car covers are a company that want to work with new up and coming designers to create bespoke one off designs linked with graduate students, I didnt want to use any of my already existing designs or ones i am working on for my current project, so created one just for this competition. when talking to the guys at carcovers they said they were interested in the indian theme and wanted to me look at the paint festival called Holi as a previous customer of theirs had been asking, this is what i came up with....

These pictures inspired me to crop just the colourful paint and repeat for a background, which i then added one of my designs on top. when talking to the guys about these ideas they said that they loved the colours and that i should also try doing a complementary design of these colours. Below are some drapings to give an idea of what could be produced...

To enter this comeptition you had to make a board showing your inspiration, development and visualisation, shown below.

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