Sunday, 6 May 2012

FMP - Dyeing fabric

Here are a few pictures of the processes I use and of my desk/wall space in the studio with my sample fabrics hanging up.

This is showing how I get my fabric to have different colour depths and shades. I scrunch up the fabric and tie it up with thread then when the outsides are the colour I want I cut the thread and leave for another minute so the middle of the fabric isn't still white.

To wash the fabric using direct dyes you need to rinse in hot water and then cold, untill the water runs clear.

Leave it to dry.

Using this technique is how I create this multi tonal colour to my designs, this is using clear discharge screen printed ontop, leaving some areas lighter than others. (some dyes when using clear discharge dont always turn white and leave some of the colour pigment shown here going brown.)

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