Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lace project

So im slightly wishing I had started this blog sooner, as don't really know where to start when it comes to what I have been up to in my final term at uni!! For my final major project I have based my work around India but carried on the theme of lace from my previous project. "Reinterpretation of Lace in Nature and Indian Textiles" has been going really well so far but with the hand in date getting closer it is getting scary, as its now or never! I will go back to the begining of this project to paint a picture,starting with inspiration and pictures of my previous project. 

Starting point
My work always begins with observational drawings, taken from primary research, which I then redraw and develop further into designs and repeats, for fashion fabric. For my initial research I will be focusing on floral, patterns and negative space. My drawings will consist of different shapes and patterns of the things that are used within lace such as textures in flower petal. 
Only since the last project I feel I have my own drawing style and have really started to focus on this, with the liner pencil marks creating depth and texture.

In this last project I drew from lace and also wanted to combine floral and lace in my imagery, such as this...
Then I scan in my drawings and flip and rotate to mirrow the image to create designs that can then be exposed onto screens.
This final design I sold in the september Indego trade fair, Paris. to an Italian designer called Erica which was so exciting as it was my first design I have sold.


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